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If you are troubled with a whining, whistling, or buzzing sound in your head, you may be in need of a good Tinnitus Terminator.

The need for a reliable tinnitus terminator program, remedy, or all-out tinnitus cure seems fairly obvious. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Tinnitus is the number 1 disability affecting all periods of military service and personnel. However proving a tinnitus VA claim can be a difficult matter.

Statistics reveal that in the United States alone, whilst it can hardly be classed a killer, over 40 million citizens suffer the effects of tinnitus. Many of whom opt for natural treatment or termination methods, rather than surgery or medication.

There are many alternative tinnitus terminator video and pdf treatment options, such as those offered by James Miller, or Thomas Coleman for example. They offer various eradication techniques and are becoming increasingly popular as folks look for the best treatment for tinnitus, or alternatives to medicine or invasive surgery.

The ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ program or cd offered by Timothy Seaton, which is a neuromonics system using therapy recordings and cognitive-behavioral instruction is just one of a number of tinnitus destroyer and hearing loss products available today offering a remedy for tinnitus.

So if you buy Tinnitus Terminator or indeed other tinnitus exterminator products, will these natural remedies for tinnitus be effective for you? This I am afraid is a question without an honest answer – at least until a proper medical assessment or review of your condition can be made (which is not in the remit of this site). That said, there are many thousands of folks who can testify to the fact that alternative treatment has indeed worked for them.

The whole purpose of this site is to look at the causes of ringing in the ears, and highlight a selection of natural cures for tinnitus, or ‘tinnitus terminators’, regimes, or programs that are effective in the treatment of tinnitus.

Whining, ringing ears, pulsing, rushing noises in the ears, along with general hearing loss, are just some of the sounds afflicting Tinnitus sufferers. And in order to terminate or treat this condition and stop your ears ringing, then a basic understanding of this affliction is essential.

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What Is Pulsatile Tinnitus

Whilst tinnitus in general could be described as the perception of sound, or more accurately the brains interpretation of silence when there is no audible sound present that anyone except the patient can hear. Pulsatile or somatosensory tinnitus, is a sound that can be heard by an medical examiner and is known as objective tinnitus. These pulsatile tinnitus symptoms usually point to some condition that is causing a blockage in a neck artery.

This rhythmical noise in the ears is commonly associated with a rhythmic or pulsing noise that is most obvious in quiet surroundings; particularly when in bed at night and the quiet surroundings seem to magnify the rushing noise in the ears. This is completely different from the high pitched ringing in ears (or indeed a high pitched ringing in one ear) that many people suffer.

This is generally due to the flow of blood in the large arteries in the neck veins, or the back of the skull or in the smaller blood vessels inside the ear itself.  It has to be remembered that tinnitus is not a disease (though it can be caused by disease), but rather a symptom of an underlying problem that has to be approached in an intelligent investigative manner. Noise in the ears can come from a number of different sources and affects individuals in many different ways.

The rhythmical rushing noise associated with this type of Tinnitus, is normally heard pulsing at the same rate as the heartbeat of the individual concerned. This is often checked by testing the pulse of the person and comparing it to their heart-rate.

The symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus can also be experienced if an individual is suddenly made active after a period of prolonged rest. Jumping up after watching a long movie to go and make a coffee for instance, will often lead to a pulsing sensation in the ears.

This eperience can be accompanied by a period of dizziness, and as long as there are no underlying health issues, is usually nothing to worry about. In a few minutes the sensation should pass as the blood thins and is able to pass unhindered through the blood veins once again.

I myself often experience this condition, which usually happens if Isuddenly launch into some major activity before my body is prepared for it – and it’s not just that age is catching up with me – It has happened since my youth – and I’m still here to tell the tale 🙂

What Causes Pulsatile Tinnitus?

pulsatile tinnitus test

Checking for ear infection which can be a cause of pulsatile tinnitus

·         Middle Ear Effusion:  Also called Otitis Media With Effusion.This occurs when the middle ear fills with fluid due to an inner ear infection, possibly caused by opportunistic bacteria sometimes picked up at the local swimming baths; and is a common cause of pulsatile Tinnitus. This is usually corrected by a course of anti-biotics, but in some rarer cases may require light surgery if the Eustachian tube has become blocked or damaged.

·         Glomus Tumor: This is a tumor that lodges beside or in the ear canal, putting pressure on the blood vessels surrounding the ear. This may be removed by minor surgery in normal conditions.

·         Benign Intracranial Hypertension: This is quite common amongst young overweight girls and women, and is due to increased pressure from liquid that surrounds the brain. Apart from pulsatile T symptoms, this can also produce headaches, loss of hearing altogether as well as some visual impairment and dizziness. In the severely overweight, this condition can see great improvement by incorporating a tinnitus-terminator program that involves a good diet or life change, resulting in weight loss and general improved physical condition.

·         Twisted Artery: Another common cause of rushing sound in the ears is a twisted artery in the neck leading to a restricted blood flow. This leads to a build-up of pressure as the blood pushes a path through the vein. This can also be caused by a clogged artery that may need minor surgery to put right.

     High Blood Pressure: The symptoms of tinnitus are almost always exacerbated by high blood pressure. Thereby increasing the need for an effective Tinnitus Terminator program. High blood pressure itself can be brought on by any number of factors including stress, hard physical work, medication or even certain foodstuffs. The general cure for this is to investigate the cause of the high blood pressure to begin with, and then to take steps to reduce the blood pressure and thus stop the symptoms of tinnitus, perhaps via a good tinnitus terminator program..

     Earwax: A build-up of earwax in the eardrum can lead to ear-ache and infection problems. If the wax is allowed to build up and harden then it may have to be softened with an infusion of warm water mixed with a little salt, or some other suitable flushing agent. This can be applied effectively by the use of a syringe – without the needle of course!

Is There A Remedy For Tinnitus?

Many people – including famous celebrities with tinnitus – at one time or another suffer from the many symptoms of tinnitus that are out there, and subsequently are looking for a natural cure or tinnitus destroyer for tinnitus. Apart from 40 million US citizens mentioned earlier, over 500 million people worldwide suffer from tinnitus in one form or another, ringing in the ears being one of the most common along with a rushing noise, buzzing, or even a high pitched whining noise, that can drive people crazy!

tinnitus retraining therapy book pictures

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Most of the time this noise in the ears is nothing to be particularly alarmed by, and there are many different tinnitus remedies to counter it.

When it comes to an actual ‘cure’ for tinnitus a lot depends on the individual concerned and the root cause for the ringing noise in the ears. Fundamentally however there are many cases where tinnitus can be cured to the extent that it is either eradicated entirely, or is no longer an issue for the person previously suffering from this debilitating condition.

Indeed the ‘Tinnitus Retrain Program‘ has many success stories from users of this effective tinnitus eradicator. Often these testimonies are the decider (along with a good refund policy) when it comes to choosing a reliable T Buster.

Non-invasive Ways to Treat Tinnitus:

Sound therapy – perhaps with the use of a tinnitus masking device, lifestyle change, or capsules available through online sources such as Amazon.The use of holistic natural methods such as CBD oil to counter tinnitus is also growing increasingly popular for those seeking natural ways to cure tinnitus.

However if you are wondering, how do you stop your ears from ringing constantly? Then an actual tinnitus cure or terminator may need a bit more ‘application’ so to speak. Any effective tinnitus treatment course you undertake to stop that buzzing in the ears – even if you try the best treatment for tinnitus  – will need the application of one thing – commitment! Unless of course you do happen to stumble upon a tinnitus quick fix (please let me know if you do!).

Many home remedies to treat tinnitus are in effect ‘non-invasive’ inasmuch as they do not require surgery or other proceedures. For instance the ‘head drumming‘ technique for tinnitus requires no special diet, instruments or proceedures – just a simple drumming on the head using your own fingers to create a staccato sound that can be effective against ringing ear syndrome.

Tinnitus Masking:

tinnitus masking clock sound

A ticking clock is often used to mask the sounds of tinnitus

Sometimes however it is very difficult to cure the ailment (this is not a disease!) altogether and other ways have to be created to help to deal with hearing problems such as noise in the ears, rather than stopping the noise entirely. This is commonly done by the use of ‘white noise,’ which is in fact discussed further in this website. Binaural beats therapy is similar in many ways to white noise treatment for tinnitus, and indeed is often included as a part of this tinnitus program.The short story is that Tinnitus of all kinds can sometimes be helped by distracting the brain, and causing it to focus on another noise that the sufferer is able to deal with easier.

This could be the ticking of a clock, or perhaps turning a radio down low, particularly at night to enable you to sleep. This is what is known as a ‘masking device’ and can include many different repetitive or soothing sounds to ‘mask’ or hide the sound you may hear in your head thanks to the tinnitus condition. The sound of running water, or rain bouncing on a tin roof, is a form of tinnitus masking. These are examples of white noise or if you like a ‘good noise,’ as it enables the individual to blank out the noise from their head; and enables them to fall off to sleep  as it counters the noise from the pulsatile tinnitus affliction.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

TRT or tinnitus retraining therapy is another way of distracting or helping the individual to cope with the noises in the head associated with tinnitus.This is a ‘holistic’ treatment that works on the principle of dealing with rather than curing this condition, through lifestyle changes and physiological understanding of how the mind works. In other words followers of TRT believe that the mind can be retrained to ignore noises in the head to such an extent that it is an effective ‘cure’ for tinnitus sufferers. This treatment needs no surgery, or chemical medication, as it is indeed based on a retraining program where the individual themselves effectively works a cure or remedy for their condition.

It is also worth bearing in mind that natural treatments for tinnitus, that involve lifestyle changes and not medication as such, can often be very effective in battling, or indeed terminating, this persistent ‘noisy ear’ problem.

If you are looking for a tinnitus terminator sound therapy, then the Tinnitus Retrain System is an example of this retraining therapy, which also includes a whole new course on Binaural Sound treatment which has been proved to be very effective in the treatment of tinnitus in general. More on this here…

Tinnitus Terminator Programs

Treatment or tinnitus remedies are available through many different courses that offer possible solutions or remedies to abolish your tinnitus problem. There are many such courses or ‘T’ exterminators available on the ‘net’ today offering ‘miracle cures’ for T sufferers, however the most effective and convincing ways to eliminate ringing ears, or to effectively destroy tinnitus I have found, all take an holistic or homeopathic regime to conquer tinnitus without the use of chemical medications.

This involves a lifestyle and/or circumstance change – perhaps even a better understanding of habituation techniques, auditory discrimination training, or ‘retraining’ – of the individual concerned, in order to bring about a solution to ringing in the ears, buzzing, or whining ears.

If you are looking for an effective tinnitus destroyer or help with a tinnitus problem, or perhaps wondering how to treat tinnitus naturally or how to cure tinnitus forever, then listed below are my personal choices of excellent Tinnitus Terminator programs and/or remedies available today – each with an excellent guarantee or refund policy.

Meanwhile if you have comments or perhaps have found your own home ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ or natural cures for tinnitus, then please feel free to share it in the box below so others may benefit :

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Tinnitus Terminator Programs And Home Remedies — 43 Comments

  1. I’ve had tinnitus for years, thanks to using noisy machinery. Presently I use ‘white noise’ in the form of a radio by my bedside to get some sleep!

  2. The best way i have discovered to terminate tinnitus is to wear ear protection. On the basis that prevention is usually better and cheaper than the cure! Ringing in the ears is best prevented by stopping the noise from getting through in the first place.

  3. I agree entirely! Prevention is always better than the cure. Thankfully wearing ear protection is now mandatory in the business world in many countries. For many it is too late though, and ringing, pulsing, or a whooshing noise in the ears has to be dealt with accordingly. Thankfully holistic solutions like ‘Tinnitus Miracle’ by Thomas Coleman, mean that a tinnitus remedy does not have to mean invasive surgery!

  4. I and very interested in your cd. Both My daughter have tinnitus and would like to purchase this program. I couldn’t find a way to order on line. It has been two days since I read the email re: Tinnitis Terminator. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You P.A.BURNS

  5. I have an acoustic neuroma on the right side of my head. It was not found until AFTER I had brain surgery for acute hydrocephalus with a VP shunt placed permanently in 2012. This is when this CONSTANT Buzzing 24/7 showed up. The hearing in my right ear is distorted. I have seen Neurologists and was told nothing could be done because this tumor is pressing on 3 nerves…The ACOUSTIC nerve, Facial nerve and Vestibular nerve. I dont know if this sound therapy would impact or stop this buzzing…any and all feedback is most welcomed…Thank you.

  6. Which is great if you’ve got damaged hearing, but for many people with Tinnitus it has nothing to do with the actual ear, just how it’s wired. I’ve had Tinnitus for as long as I can remember and my hearing is far, far more sensitive than other people’s hearing.

    In my experience, the problem is insufficient noise, not too much noise.

  7. My wife just bought the program and has it ready to download on her Kindle. However, can the Kindle acomodate the seemingly extensive downloading? If not, can this be downloaded on another device without any further cost? Please advise. Thanks.

  8. Hi Terrance – good question! Can you confirm first of all what tinnitus treatment program you have purchased exactly?

  9. I bought tinnitus terminator and cant get any audio files. where are they. he said if it doesn’t work e- mail timothy seaton. there is no email address anywhere

  10. Hi Angela, Sorry to hear about your problems re the ‘tinnitus terminator’ audio files. We have had several inquiries of this nature but unfortunately cannot help as this product is not promoted by ourselves. The confusion comes with our domain name (which was here before the product in question) being the same as the Timothy Seaton tinnitus product. Instead we recommend the excellent ‘Tinnitus Miracle’ treatment by Thomas Coleman, and W Sutherlands ‘Tinnitus Survival Guide’ links to both of which can be found in the article above.
    Best of luck with your inquiries.

  11. Really then I don’t think you understand Tinnitus and the many causes of it very well.
    I for example got my Tinnitus 16 years ago, swimming in the depths of a pool. No noise was involved, I same up and came out and water logged into my ear and Tinnitus has been there eating away at my soul ever since. You ear protection idea reeks of ignorance! Sorry to have to inform you of the higher truth.

  12. Good luck to all of you seeking relief. I am the real McCoy when it comes to tinnitus. I have always had ringing in my ears and did not know it was abnormal till I was in my mid 20’s. There is absolutely nothing any professional or charlatan can do for me. For those of you that developed it later in life there may be some hope.

  13. Hold up! In reading your response to Angela it would seem you collect the dough and take no responsibility of where it goes or what it doesn’t buy?

  14. Hi J.R. Sorry if my reply to Angela ( and other readers) was maybe not as clear as it should be. The fact is WE DO NOT sell or promote the ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ product. The product on offer is listed above. As mentioned to Angela, the confusion rests with the domain name – which we had before the terminator product came into being as far as I am aware. On another note – I sorted out the ‘contact’ page thanks for the heads-up.

  15. I have had tinnitus for 3 months and it has many form, ringing,slushing, buzzing. Trying the holalistic approach. So far no luck. Have been to a chropractor, accupuncturist with no results. Trying to accept it and hoping that may lower the effect on me. It has been rough.

  16. Tried listening to a video about this. But the narrator kept speaking in circles and not getting anywhere near the point. All I want to know is where I get it, and how much it costs. I don’t want to hear anyone’s life story complete with clever antidote. Just those two things…please

  17. I just purchased your program but was unable to get all downloaded and cannot find to get the downloads
    Please tell me how to retrieve them.

  18. Hi Linda. No problem. If you have purchased ‘Tinnitus Miracle’ through our site, you will have an email with a link from the vendor? Just click on the link to take you to your product.

  19. Dude….the video…. Can you say LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! I thought it would be a short info video setting up this possible cure and it was a damn documentary! I tried to force myself to listen to it and the friggin video was causing more of a ringing in my head than the actual tinnitus! If you want people to take that seriously then read something about marketing. The average person’s attention span is as short as an introduction. …. Painful!

  20. Ha ha..fair comment – I’ve uploaded a shorter more to-the-point video for all the impatient folks 🙂

  21. Hi Mary, Just click on any of the 3 products you fancy near the bottom of the article.

  22. You need to see an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor, a good hearing test. Maybe more specific testing depending on the hearing test. someone needs to listen to the neck and other areas for a possible arterial vascular malformation or tumor. You need to understand what it is and what it is not before trying to treat it. It may be a nuisance or a major problem.

  23. jim sinclair on August 4th, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    I tried to order from you and the order didn’t go through. I have had tinnitus for over 60 years without any relief. The noise goes on day and night. When sleeping I hear nothing…. but my guess is that the problem remains.

  24. Hi Jim, Sorry about your problems downloading the product. Here is a direct link to ‘Tinnitus Miracle’ by Thomas Coleman – our best-selling tinnitus remedy. I suggest you Try it out for the 60 days, and if it does not work for you then simply get a full refund 🙂

  25. I fully agree, I got tinnitus from an infection in one ear at my local pool when I was very young. Some 50 odd years on I have ringing in both ears and profoundly deaf. Unfortunately I’ve been told there is nothing they can do and I will one day be totally deaf. I honestly don’t know what it’s like to hear nothing as I’m so used to hear the ringing that I do not need to mask it at night. I will not tolerate ignorant people when it comes to tinnitus. I walk away from idiots!

  26. I agree, I have never subjected my ears to extreme noise, but after knee surgery I was treated with an IV antibiotic and have suffered with this every since, ranging from a low buzzing to a very loud high pitched that’s so intense I just want to scream for it to stop.

  27. I am told by many a specialist nothing can be done. And trust me I’ve spent many dollars and much time offor work to be told the same thing. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade,but tinnitus is a million dollar business people are desperate and are willing to try one more thing for just a moment of silence.

  28. I have a constant ringing in my ear. It was low at first now its louder and more annoying than anything. Reading these testimonials and knowing my own battle with this. My problems started some time ago. Im 44 now and listened to my music loud in my days but Im starting to think from this blog that maybe its the way I ball the pillow up at night and sleep with it under my neck restricting blood flow to my brain causing clots to form which may have caused a tumor in my middle ear. I dont have no hearing loss or impairments other than this annoying noise in both ears. Its fades away when im not thinking about it or dulls but never stops and has always been there now that i think about it more I just thought it was normal as a child, until I was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2013 and the doctor told me that too much water in the body can also cause ringing in the ear. Back then I was retaining a lot of fluid, ive since chamged my unhealthy eatting habits and lost all the excess water wieght, but now its gotten louder. So this is my story hope it helps someone because obviously this is my failing health problems from years of abuse, neglect, and misprescribed medications.

  29. TTimothy Seaton! Yes! please cancel my order! credit my Card for $67.00 today! thank You! Natalie Didio!

  30. Hi Natalie. Unfortunately you are contacting the wrong website. As mention on numerous occasions and throughout this site, we are not in any way affiliated with Timothy Seatons ‘Terminator’ product. All the best with your inquiry.

  31. I too thought that noise was the sound of silence untill it stopped for a couple of hours when i was in my mid twenties i didn’t have to learn to live with it I didn’t know any diffetnt. Then one day it changed to a different noise and in truth I’m not sure how long I can live with it for.

  32. I too have been suffering from the screaming bees! Stared when some nimrods at work popped a baloon behind my head while I was working on my computer notes.Dip asses! Instant high screaming pitch started and has not stopped! Ive sought acupucture and looking for any other help. Melatonin 3mg at night, helps w sleep,and seems to low the ringing noise. No one can understand the torture one goes through unless you have it!

  33. I suffered of Viral Sudden Deafness three months ago. In one minute I lost audition, and was 24 hours with an horrible vertigo. From that moment until now, I have tinnitus. The doctor said it has no cure at all.
    Could this method also be useful in my case?

  34. Hi Claudia – Both methods ‘Tinnitus Retrain’ amd ‘Miracle’ come with 60 day money-back guarentees if you are not entirely happy with the results. Seems to me that you have little to lose by reading the blurb and trying either of them out 🙂
    All the best,

  35. Hello all. The price appears to be a “Limited Time Offer” as above, $127.00 marked down to $97.99 although the price seems to fluctuate by the minute, like infomercials when they say “if you call in the next 10 minutes…” My personal experience, I attend a tinnitus support group attended by experts including doctors. We learn about and discuss information from the American Tinnitus Association (ata.org), medicine, studies, and the like. I’m not trying to argue but apparently tinnitus can have various causes (which is probably why it’s so hard to treat). Many cases are a result of noise (military and former military are a huge percentage of sufferers), firearms, high-pitched sounds, industrial noise, etc. But of course there are other causes such as illness, infections, and the like. Because some of us “tinnies” suffer so much, we’ll jump at the chance for a “fix” or “cure” which, as most of us have learned, does not exist. There are other technologies that utilize habituation, masking sounds, meditation or relaxation or hypnosis. The first thing is to see an ENT to rule out a medical problem. Then it is recommended to see an audiologist who can help with physical devices: custom earplugs, a “white noise” device worn in/on the ear. Certain psychotherapists specialize. I generally use earplugs around vacuums, hair dryers, loud sound systems (one individual who ran the sound board for a meeting was working with an ancient system with “issues” plus he had a bad habit of turning it up too loud so that a sudden blast of feedback was extremely upsetting for me). Interestingly, many in my support group also suffer from hyperacusis (normal sounds sound too loud), anxiety and/or vertigo, which I do as well. I started noticing my tnt approximately five years ago while sleeping. It seems worse when I’m tired or stressed which is almost always. I just try to ignore it and focus on something else or distract myself and imagine a pleasant scene with the tnt as part of the scene such as bird chirping, waves whooshing, wind in the trees.

  36. HI David,
    Couldn’t be simpler! Just click on the highlighted text at the end of the page to go to our Best Selling Tinnitus Terminator program – or cick this link

  37. Hi Eric – Sorry to hear about your problems with this programme, however I believe that the ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ product (Which we DO NOT promote) has been removed from sale according to their own website. WE promote the ‘Tinnitus Retrain system’ which has a full money-back guarentee and an excellent after-sales service. You will find out more about this product on our page here at http://tinnitusterminator.com/treatment/tinnitus-retrain-system/

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