Can anxiety bring on a tinnitus attack?

Tinnitus as we have seen has many causes and symptoms, but can anxiety cause tinnitus? there is plenty of evidence to say that stress and anxiety can indeed cause tinnitus – one symptom in particular ‘pulsatile tinnitus’ is of particular concern perhaps to those who suffer from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is often brought on by anxiety and/or panic attacks – indeed anxious people often suffer from high blood pressure.

Anxiety and ringing in the ears can be closely linked. Indeed anxiety and anxiety depression is very much a real problem for many people. So a quick answer to the question above is a somewhat qualified YES! anxiety can at the very least make an individual more prone to tinnitus.

Anxiety by itself can be a major life-crippling, hope-destroying, ailment that unfortunately many millions suffer from. It has to be said that this is often for good reason! No matter how good the reason to be anxious however – it does no good at all to your physical and mental health and well-being. In fact it is positively detrimental to good health. But does anxiety cause tinnitus? This is the question that we will look at in the following article.

Thankfully however there are ways of coping with tinnitus anxiety and get your body back into equilibrium – able to cope with the vagaries of life without the need for harmful medication. This regime is generally known as ‘Holistic’ medication. More to do with life-style changes that will affect your overall condition in a positive way.


anxiety attack

Anxiety or panic attacks can easily lead to or exacerbate tinnitus symptoms

Holistic medication is a form of health care system which takes into consideration the different parts of a person such as the body, spirit, mind and emotions so as to ensure the person is able to achieve optimum health and wellness as well. The holistic medication philosophy states that it is possible to achieve the optimum health if the person under medication gains a proper balance in all the aspects mentioned above. It is also believed that the parts are interdependent in such a way that if one part fails to function as expected the rest will also be affected. Therefore, if someone does not have a proper balance in their physical, emotional or spiritual part of their lives, the overall health of the body will also be affected negatively.

It is this same principle which is used in holistic medication for anxiety. Let’s assume you are having really bad headaches and you go see a doctor, you will not simply be given medications to take but instead the doctor analyses your lifestyle looking for factors which may be causing the headache. Amongst the things that cause anxiety include poor diet and sleeping habits, stress and also other factors – even the fact that you may have ringing ears, can increase your anxiety. After the problem is identified, you may be given ‘medication’ and also advised on how to modify your lifestyle to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Always Bear in mind, that there are many things that cause tinnitus symptoms to arise – as indeed there are many ways to treat tinnitus itself.

Principles of Holistic Medication:

The major belief is that with unconditional love and support the patient will be healed within no time. It is also believed that each and every person is responsible for the wellbeing of their bodies. For complete healing to take place, the patient and doctor should work together to achieve the good health. Therefore, it is the duty of a patient to open up completely to a doctor so that the causes may be identified. When a person is unwell, treatment required should involve correcting the causes and not just simply giving drugs to reduce the symptoms.

The types of treatments used as Holistic Medications:

There is different treatment techniques used to help patients take charge of their general wellbeing and hence attain the optimum health. These techniques include; educating the patient on positive lifestyle changes as well as self-care tips to encourage general wellness. Here, the patient is advised on the kind of diet to switch to, psychotherapy, exercise, and they also undergo different counselling sessions for relationships and spirituality. Alternative therapies such as mind re-training, chiropractic care, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy and even massage therapy among many others.

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Stress can lead to panic attacks

Today, holistic medication for anxiety is very common. This is mainly because anxiety is a body’s way to react to the stress people face daily. Anxiety is very important as it can actually make someone focus on their work or even escape when there is danger. However, if a person becomes plagued with anxiety throughout, the resulting effects such as tinnitus, may actually affect their wellbeing. Bad anxiety is often as a result of extreme stress such as death of a close relative or even divorce.

Different medications to help people dealing with unnecessary anxiety are available; however chances are high that they may produce serious side effects. This is why it is often recommended to use holistic medication for anxiety. A holistic approach will access all the parts which make up a person so as to identify the cause of anxiety. This is therefore the best method as it will be effective in preventing the recurrence of the problem once it has been solved.

Below are some of the medications which one can use to help deal with anxiety;


The kind of food you eat is what influences how the chemicals produced by your brain are balanced. By eating unbalanced diets and having irregular eating habits, you will be increasing the chances of suffering from anxiety. It is very important that you eat three regular meals a day with each containing a source of protein. Protein is a major source of enzymes which come in handy in the production of dopamine, serotonin and also norepinephrine. When you do not eat enough protein, these chemicals will be deficient in the brain and hence you will suffer from anxiety. Whole grains are also as important as vegetables as they help one to control their moods since they provide healthy nutrients.

panic bannerExercise:

Another form of holistic medication for anxiety involves vigorous exercise regularly. This is by far the best way to improve your mood. This method is even more effective when compared to others such as psychotherapy or even medication. If you exercise regularly, the brain chemicals are bound to take balance in around two weeks after the start of your exercise program.

Emotional acceptance:

When a person represses emotions, the result is severe anxiety. Emotions play a huge part in our lives as they help us to grow and learn from our mistakes. By accepting your emotions in a right way, they will fade away soon. Qualified therapists are there to help people learn how to understand and deal with their emotions in the right way.

Dealing With Tinnitus Anxiety:

One of the simplest of measures to deal with against anxiety is to find a pastime that causes you to mentally relax. This could be a hobby such as fishing. Going to the theatre. Perhaps going for a walk in the country – keeping a dog is ideal for this as it gives you an ‘excuse’ to go for long walks. In fact pets in general are known to be excellent listeners! Many stress clinics and hospitals now allow certain pets inside as it has been discovered they help relax the patients.

Hobbies such as stamp collecting, reading, or knitting are also excellent for shutting out stress and allowing ‘peace to flow’ There are no end to the ideas you could put forward to help relax the mind and de-stress – and most of them are free!

Food Supplements and CBD OIL:

The supplements which are commonly used to enhance mental health include; herbs, vitamins, oils and even enzymes. The supplements used for the holistic medication for anxiety include fish oil, vitamin D, amino acid precursors Sam-E, L-Tyrosine and also St. Johns wort among many others. Supplements should be taken with caution as they can have drastic side effects and also because most should not be interacted with other medications. These should only be taken as advised by a qualified medical practitioner.

Always bear in mind that people are different from one another, and not everybody will suffer from tinnitus as a result of anxiety or panic attacks. Tinnitus caused by anxiety is just one of the causes of tinnitus overall. Therefore there is no specific mode of holistic medication for anxiety. If one type does not work, you can always try another. Some treatments are also supposed to be used together to give desired results. Examples include nutrition, exercise and counselling. Exercises such as Yoga which involve the mind and body are very efficient if you need to attain both physical and mental fitness. Always keep in mind that before taking any form of medication, it is always wise to consult with your doctor.

Another remedy rapidly gaining ground is the use of CBD oil. This is oil extracted from the Marijuana plant (yes we’re talking cannabis here!). However before you get alarmed about taking such a ‘popular’ drug and getting yourself high, let me explain a bit further. The marajuana plant contains over 85 elements or cannabinoids, the 2 that we are really interested in is the CBD and THC elements. The CBD is the ‘good’ element that has NO psychoactive or addictive qualities and is perfectly legal (CBD has been classed as a food suppliment or additive in the USA and the UK) , wheras the THC is the psychoactive or addictive element and is NOT legal.

CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is now widely accepted even by the doubting medical profession to have beneficial effects on a whole range of medical conditions, including anxiety. Indeed it is also effective against Tinnitus (read my article on tinnitus and cbd oil here)

It is important here to distinguish between Hemp oil and Cannabis oil – or even cbd infused hemp oil. In short, Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant whilest CBD oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. The article above will explain this relationship in a lot more detail.Bottom line – it seems to work incredibly well for many people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, as well as many other serious illnesses.

Worth a try in my book 🙂


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