What Causes Ringing In My Ears

The sound of bells ringing in your ears can be explained here

Tinnitus is often described as the sound of bells ringing in the ears, however the fact is that the suymptoms of tinnitus go far wider than that. Sounds relating to tinnitus can include  whistling, shrieking, ringing, shooshing, rushing of water, a pulsing noise, or a high-pitched whining sound. These and many other sounds besides, when coming from your ears, is usually the sign that you have a tinnitus problem of one sort or another.

All is not lost however, and sometimes just a change of diet, or even medication (asprin can cause these symptoms) can do the trick. If however the symptoms are severe you may have to resort to some kind of treatment, medical or holistic, in order to sort out your ‘noisy ear syndrome.’

Ears Ringing