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Tinnitus Retrain aims to train the brain to ignore tinnitus sounds, and as such to conquer tinnitus

Tinnitus Terminator Complaints take up a fair amount of my time, when it comes to responding to queries on this site. Let me just say this..

In A Nutshell – The ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ Product and this site Tinnitus Terminator™ are not the same thing!

Are you looking for a tinnitus terminator refund? Do you have a grievance you wish to settle? Here’s the thing. Far be in from me to disparage or complain about another product or tinnitus remedy. However for the sake of the record I have to say that the many complaints/enquiries I receive about the tinnitus terminator product, means that I have no option but to try and explain this sites position.

Even though I have put a disclaimer on my own ‘contact’ page, emphasising that I have nothing whatsoever to do with this product, the grumbles and complaints just keep rolling in. The largest being that they cannot contact the actual vendor – it seems that after purchasing the product, getting back in touch again is a ‘test of the stubborn’. Difficulties with the download seems to be another charge.

Does this mean that ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ is a bad product? Is it a scam ? I have absolutely no idea. I can only comment on the inquiries or more accurately, grumblesI receive. I do not review the terminator product – nor have I any intentions to do so. To date I have had no-one say what a great product it is – draw your own conclusions. If it did not work for you, a refund should be fairly simple via their own website (I will not promote it here).

Some of these ‘inquiries’ I have even posted on my comments section on the home page of this site, to enable my answer so that people may get the idea – WE DO NOT promote or sell this product by Timothy Seaton, therefore tinnitus terminator scam complaints should be sent to their own website.

So why do you have the same name you may ask?

Fair question. The fact is that we have operated our blog Tinnitus Terminator™ www.tinnitusterminator.com for several years now – before the ‘terminator’ product was actually conceived, as far as we are aware. Who knows – maybe they seen our own name and liked it – can’t say I blame them 🙂

Our own site was built to highlight the problems associated with ringing ears and tinnitus in general, and to promote products that we feel actually contribute to tinnitus eradication. We only promote products or regimes that carry unequivocal money-back guarantees.

In other words even if a customer finds the product they have purchased from this site does not work for them at all, then they have nothing to lose financially as it is a simple answer-an-email-link process to get a full refund.We also have a list of home remedies for tinnitus that the user can try – most of them free of charge using products you may have around the home already.

Why Bother?

It is estimated that tinnitus affects over 50 million US citizens, and over 300 million worldwide – that’s a LOT of citizens complaining about ringing in their ears! As someone involved in the construction industry, I myself have been afflicted with tinnitus – noisy equipment goes hand-in-hand with ringing ears! Note to self – Always wear ear protectors!

Military veterans from the many conflicts, report tinnitus as the number 1 complaint  upon return from combat. Hardly surprising when you consider the noise related to gunfire is over 180 bB. Anything over 85 dB is considered harmful to your hearing.

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Is There A Solution?

Reliable Solutions for dealing with tinnitus are not hard to come by – if you believe the blurb online. However the truth of the matter is that since this ailment affects everyone in different ways, and can be caused by many issues such as general health, diet, medication, or lifestyle – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all-cure for tinnitus.

However neither is the situation hopeless, as some would have you believe. Many folks have ‘swallowed the lie’ by the medical profession in particular, that this condition cannot be cured. In my own opinion ( and the opinion of many who have been cured) – this is definitely not the case.

Perhaps the main thing or question to ask when seeking out a cure or remedy, even sound therapy for your tinnitus, is this – can I get my money back if it does not work?

In the case of the products listed on this page, the answer is a resounding YES

It’s not a long drawn out process. You do not have to come up with a lot of excuses. There IS an easy refund policy linked to the purchase confirmation email.

About Tinnitus Terminator Complaints

And just in case you missed it earlier – Tinnitus Terminator.com™ is not affiliated to, or related in any way, with the tinnitus terminator ‘product’ by Timothy Seaton. As such we cannot handle any tinnitus terminator complaints or grievances you may or may not have against this company.

This site is WWW.TINNITUSTERMINATOR.COM We stand by the products listed above and below only!

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Tinnitus Terminator Complaints — 5 Comments

  1. well how do you like that,at least some one is trying, I will spend my money any way I please, don,t forget hope……

  2. I have had this ringing and whooshing in my ears since I had three tmj episodes for the last sixty years I have adjusted to this since but if this will work (which I don’t believe)
    But I am willing to give it a try

  3. Hi Wayne,
    Good for you! There is a 60 day no-quibble guarentee so if you are not satisfied for any reason then simpley refund!
    I’m confident though that you will be very pleased with the results.
    All the best,

  4. I am will sorry that this program I purchase is don’t working for me its been 2 weeks and I can’t hear or feel any difference with in this time some people say they can hear the difference.I don’t think that there is any thing that will help with ring in the ears. I haven’t found any one in the program that this sound of music and the words have help. so with all that I am sorry that I would like a refundof the money I paid for this program and I will just have to live with this ring in the ears. thank you for all the help that you try to help me with, I pray and pray that this would work. I’M sorry that I gave up to soon gloria Barrows

  5. Hi Gloria. So Sorry to hear that your Tinnitus product did not work for you and you still have the ringing in your ears. However are you sure you purchased the product from this site? Perhaps using this link http://tinnitusterminator.com/retrain I ask because there is often confusion with the ‘Tinnitus Terminator’ product that we DO NOT in fact promote. If you have purchased a product from our own site however the refund process is simple, just click on the link you have on your confirmation email within 60 days of purchase and you will get an immediate refund no questions asked!

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