Can acupuncture help tinnitus sufferers?

Firstly if we consider that the noises or sounds associated with tinnitus are created by the brain – perhaps with the exception of pulsatile tinnitus which is usually associated with a partial artery or vein blockage of some kind – then it is possible/believable  that acupuncture can help with this condition – bearing in mind that I am no expert here!

However if the tinnitus is caused for instance by inflammation, then I can see that it may be possible to reduce this inflammation with acupuncture, thereby solving or at least reducing the acupuncture issue. Indeed some would advocate acupuncture along with herbs and chinese herbal medicine is the way to go!

Acupuncture can also help increase microcirculation, which in turn helps with the dispersal of swelling. Again, if this swelling is what is causing the tinnitus, then obviously the acupuncture treatment can in effect neutralise or at least have a positive effect for the the tinnitus sufferer – or at least one would expect.

Ultimately a full diagnosis or examination has to be carried out to determine the cause of the tinnitus, before perhaps consulting a qualified acupuncturist  – perhaps in partnership with your physician – before any acupuncture treatment is carried out.

Tinnitus has many causes and possible remedies, it is up to the sufferer to get the best advice possible before embarking on any tinnitus treatment program.


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