tinnitus awareness 2017Are you looking for a tinnitus cure this year, 2017? Well you are just 1 of over 500 million people worldwide that must deal with the effects of tinnitus on a regular basis.

As it happens the American Tinnitus Association (ATA), along with the British Tinnitus Association and several other tinnitus groups, is launching their tinnitus awareness week from the 6th to the 12th of Feb 2017. The theme is ‘Together For Tinnitus’ This is simply to bring awareness to the public in general, of the tinnitus issue. The fact that so many folks suffer ringing ears, or perhaps whining, thrumming, humming noises, that are intrusive enough to affect their quality of life, is in itself cause for concern.

So Why ‘Aware’ Day?

Simply put, this is an opportunity to make employers and employees mindful of the dangers of not wearing ear protectors in noisy work-places. It is a warning to everyone to be cognizant to the risks involved to their hearing if they do not appreciate the damage caused by loud, persistent music for instance. Tinnitus can be caused by several things including medical problem – it could be time for a check-up. And it is a heads-up to everyone to the general suffering and discomfort that can be caused by tinnitus.

Tinnitus ‘cures’ have been cause of controversy for some time – and no doubt will continue to be so. Some people have been led to believe that tinnitus cannot be cured, and some KNOW that it can be, as they themselves have had their T-Problem removed or can now deal with it effectively.

In the same way, some people do not believe in miracles – On the other hand I have witnessed several miracles in my lifetime so I have no such problem!

So in the spirit of ‘awareness’ I would encourage folks to get involved and if you have an encouraging story you would like to share then contact the ATA or indeed the BTA – they would love to hear from you!

Hashtag #TAW2017 is being used to spread the word, so again 6-12th Feb – reach out and let others know that tinnitus is a ‘real and present danger’ for millions worldwide.

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Contact ATA… charity@ata.org

Contact BTA… info@tinnitus.org.uk

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Tinnitus Cure 2017 – Tinnitus Awareness Week — 2 Comments

  1. my wife has a chronic allergy problem and I have tinnitus. I’m 62 years old and have had chronic tinnitus for 13 years. I found out recently that many people with tinnitus and cant control it and are looking for a way to get the noise down. Well I’m trying to contact people to let them know that there is a way to lower the sound from a 10 to a 1. Only because of my wife’s extreme allergies was I able to bring my tinnitus down to a (1) and hold it there. I mean hold it there for weeks on end. It’s only when I eat or come into contact with a synthetic chemical that it makes it flare up. I’ve known this now for over 5 years and I keep reading about people that can’t seem to figure it out. My wife said I should put something together to help them understand how to do it. Well I’m working on it… eric

  2. Hi Eric,

    Please post your cure now to make tinnitus go from a 10 to a 1. We need help now.

    God bless

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