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There are many individuals who are troubled with Tinnitus wondering if there will be a breakthrough or tinnitus cures in 2016, 2017, or indeed anytime soon! and I suppose the honest answer is – who knows? – Tinnitus affects millions world-wide and ranges from an ailment that is a minor inconvenience, to an illness that can drive the sufferer to suicide – it is not a ‘minor illness’

This is best described as an affliction, as it is not contagious, and is not a disease as such. It must be said however that the symptoms of tinnitus can be brought on or exacerbated by other ailments like high blood pressure, or indeed a bad head cold.

Advances in medicine are happening all the time, so it may just be a matter of waiting for some miraculous breakthrough in the scientific world, to result in a miracle tinnitus cure. However I would not hold my breath! The fact is that if you are suffering from tinnitus, you want a tinnitus cure now rather than a ‘perhaps’ sometime in the distant future.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

Ringing ears is perhaps one of the best known symptoms that would suggest that you are troubled with tinnitus, however your body is quite capable of producing all sorts of weird sounds that are also related to – or are included in the recognisable symptoms of tinnitus; and they can be things such as ..

  • A lound whining noise.
  • A buzzing sound like a large wasp
  • Continual beeeeeeep
  • Noise like the rushing of water
  • A ringing bell
  • Pulsing whooshing noise


The good news is that this does not have to be a permanent condition, and indeed can sometimes be cured completely just by a change of job or environment. For instance I have often suffered tinnitus for a few days after using heavy machinery (I am in the building trade), but as long as I am away from the cause of the tinnitus symptoms – noisy machinery – then it will go, and I will have peace again; till next time!

Also, it is quite usual to be suffering some of these tinnitus symptoms if you are ill for some reason. High blood pressure is one of the common ailments that can lead to the rushing sound in the ears, commonly associated with tinnitus. Any kind of ear infection or sinus problems are also known to produce these sounds like a ringing in the ears.

healthy diet for tinnitusDiet can play a large part in tinnitus symptoms, and indeed diet plans especially for tinnitus sufferers have proven to be very successful for certain individuals. A diet that includes less salt and lower alcohol levels;  also eating more fruit and vegetables is generally a good thing for tinnitus sufferers who suffer from high blood pressure.

If you are working in a noisy environment, then it is imperative that you make sure ear protectors are supplied with the job. These must be worn at all times, as failure to do so will not only result in tinnitus symptoms – but may result in full blown tinnitus that you will struggle to be rid off. My own experience has shown that as I get older, then these symptoms last longer and longer if I subject myself to loud noise for any period of time without protection.

There are many holistic or natural cures available at the moment, however I have found none more effective that the Tinnitus treatment courses available on this website. In particular if I have to choose, then the Tinnitus Retrain course would seem to be the most effective/popular – but that does depend on the individual requirements and needs!



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