Looking For A Reputable Tinnitus Destroyer?

If you are looking for a good tinnitus destroyer, then you have come to the right place! To be clear however, the ‘destroyer’ product talked about here is not the new ‘Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol’ program promoted by Spencer Reed – which may or may not be a scam – time will tell.

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Tinnitus Retrain system is a first-class tinnitus destroyer

Instead this is an opportunity to choose a tinnitus terminator system that is well established and has a proven track record to boot – the Tinnitus Retrain System.

Similar to the Tinnitus destroyer protocol programme, the well established Tinnitus Retrain System is based on the fact that tinnitus is not actually a noise that you hear in your ears as such. The sounds related to tinnitus such as whining, buzzing or ringing in the ears; is actually a noise in your brain. It is a sound that a medical examiner cannot hear and it is not directly related to an external source.

Re-programming the brain to ignore the sounds of tinnitus is a well established way to treat this debilitating condition and in effect destroy tinnitus completely.


Destroy Tinnitus With Rehabituation

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This tinnitus destroyer program – Tinnitus Retrain System – is a form of tinnitus retraining therapy (also called habituation therapy) has been established for many years now, and whilst not accurately described as a ‘cure’ it is recognised as being one of the most effective courses available for tinnitus treatment.

Retraining the brain is a matter of employing various sound techniques in order to trick the brain into changing its position and re-interpreting silence as just that – silence!

This is in contrast to the way that the mind has been working, where it has interpreted incorrectly the silence as an actual sound in the head.

This is of course the situation with regards to those suffering from subjective tinnitus – the most common. However, if you suffer from objective tinnitus – which is typically a rushing or pulsing noise in the ears in time with your heartbeat – then different measures may have to be employed in order to effect a cure or remedy. Check out this page on Pulsatile Tinnitus for more information on this condition.

Meanwhile if you are seeking a good treatment for subjective tinnitus, then like Tinnitus Destroyer, the Retrain program does not involve any form of invasive surgery or even special diet regimes. It is an audio-driven program, which means a painless and relaxing time listening to audio sounds whilst relaxing in your armchair!

There is no masking therapy involved, where background noise is used to mask or hide the sound of tinnitus on a temporary basis.

If you would like to know more about the Retrain System to treat tinnitus then please check out my fuller description here…

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