Perhaps one of the most surprising and simple of the tinnitus home remedies is this technique of finger drumming. For some people it does not work at all, but for others this tinnitus remedy is a gift from above – and it’s totally free!

The idea behind tinnitus finger drumming seems to be to cancel out the ringing noises or other symptoms of tinnitus that an individual may be suffering. How this works in technical terms is pretty much a mystery it has to be said. The general thought however seems to be that it distracts the mind from the sounds being produced by the brain (tinnitus is actually how the brain interprets silence rather than a sound heard through the ears).

In effect the finger drumming technique seems to ‘reboot’ the brain so that it is able to interpret silence as just that – silence! So with all that said, just how does this idea work in practice? read on…

Finger drumming – The Process:

  • First of all the hands have to be placed on the back of the head with the palms against your ears
  • Place your fingers in such a way that the middle fingers are touching just above the base of the skull. It may help to mentally draw a line along the back of your skull linking the middle of each ear – this is the where your middle fingers should be.
  • By placing your index fingers over the middle fingers and snapping the index finger down against your skull you should produce a sharp drumming effect.
  • Repeat this process about 20-30 times 2 or 3 times per day or whenever you suffer a tinnitus episode


tinnitus ear drumming



Bear in mind that this is just one of many different home remedies for tinnitus. If this does not work for you then that does not mean your tinnitus cannot be cured – these home remedies may well work perfectly for you. Or perhaps a more organised or technical approach such as tinnitus retraining may be what your need in order to effect a cure for your tinnitus.

It is worth pointing out at this stage that tinnitus effects everyone in different ways, and the causes or triggers for tinnitus are just as varied. The good news for tinnitus sufferers is that there are also many different remedies and techniques that are definately worth trying out – many of them for free!



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