Natural Treatment Ideas For Tinnitus

Tinnitus Treatment & Causes

Loud music is often the start of noisy ear syndrome, and can result in the need for a good tinnitus treatment in the years ahead.

Treatment for tinnitus varies widely depending on a whole set of circumstances, mainly surrounding lifestyle and diet, but including such things as injury or physical considerations. This is the job of a medical practitioner, or else someone qualified to give a diagnosis of your hearing problem.

The most important thing to begin with, if you are suffering the symptoms of Tinnitus such as ringing ears or a  whining rushing sound in your ears, then you should immediately go to your medical practitioner and investigate further. Sometimes there may be a medical explanation for the problem, such as physical injury or even medication you may be on for some other ailment; but other times there is no apparent physical cause for the symptoms, and so medication or a natural remedy for tinnitus can be saught out.

One of the most effective treatments I have come across is the Thomas Coleman ‘Tinnitus Miraclenatural remedy for tinnitus. This is not a ‘quick fix’ treatment, but rather a life-style and diet change that is geared to the individual sufferer. There is an impressive amount of testimonies from ex-sufferers, and the complete course comes with a money-back guarantee should you be unhappy with the results for any reason. I believe it is definitely worth a try-out, there is after all nothing to lose – and a whole new world of blessed silence to discover 🙂

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Another alternative treatment for tinnitus involves retraining the mind. This is known as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and first came to the popular consciousness with the writings of Pawel Jastreboff, Ph.D. in the 1980’s. The basic concept behind this tinnitus treatment regime is that the sounds associated with subjective tinnitus are actually heard in the head, and not in the ears at all.

By retraining the brain to reinterpret the sounds, then tinnitus can in fact be eradicated completely over time. This tinnitus retraining methods has gained in popularity in recent years as the medical establishment begins to understand more about the complexity of the human brain.

The Tinnitus Retraining program on this page is a modern slant on a fairly well established theory of tinnitus treatment. It includes a full video course which has been recently updated to include a full course on Tinnitus Habituation Training they call Binaural Resonance Training.

Will there ever be a cure for tinnitus? Whilst some would argue that there is no cure for tinnitus, personally I would say that depending on your situation – there already is!  Check out the remedies highlighted above for more information on that score. The reason that a medical practitioner for instance finds this a hard question to answer, is that what cures one individual may be totally ineffective with another. This is because there are many ways that tinnitus can be contracted or at least developed (tinnitus is not a disease or virus) within an individual.

wine bottleWhat causes ringing in my ears? or what causes ears to ring constantly. these are not easy questions to answer. However medication, diet, and lifestyle. As well as the working and social environment, all play a part in the development of tinnitus. For instance somebody working in a noisy job is more susceptible to tinnitus.

The medical term for this is Tinnitus, and this a condition where sounds such as ringing, buzzing, whining can be heard in the head without any discernible outside cause. One or both ears can be afflicted with this condition – which is not a disease and is not infectious. Both of these states however can result in tinnitus symptoms!

Noise induced hearing loss is one of the biggest causes of ringing in the ears and dizziness. Indeed high pitched ringing in ears subject to noises over 85 decibels is common to anyone in noisy workplaces. Chronic ringing in ears not protected against such noise levels  is a common complaint in industry.

Likewise an individual who has a stressful job or is subject to stress or high blood pressure, is more likely to contract tinnitus. As is someone who is overweight or indeed enjoys a smoke! Excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to tinnitus symptoms.

Can earwax cause tinnitus? Yes indeed. A buildup of earwax in the ears can cause tinnitus symptoms by putting pressure on the delicate parts of the inner ear. Also, excessive earwax itself is often a sign that there may be an underlying medical condition or ear infection that needs treatment. Medical conditions such labyrinthitis treatment may be in order if you have an inflammation of the inner ear for instance.

As wax builds up it can become compacted and hardened, leading to more trouble with hearing loss. This is usually countered with an infusion of lukewarm water that may also contain almond oil or even onion juice to counter ear infection. Again it is important that doctors advice is saught here in case a course of anti-biotics is needed.

That said, there are many home remedies for tinnitus that can be explored at little or no cost by the tinnitus sufferer. You will find a selection of these natural tinnitus remedies here. Some are very simple to try out for yourself and can be extremely effective.

Can I stop ringing in ears immediately? Whilst I would love to say YES! to this question, the truth is Not Usually – unless there is an underlying cause of the tinnitus symptoms that you are able to isolate and deal with. For instance if you discover that you consume too much salt and it has resulted in tinnitus, then sometime something as simple as reducing the salt intake can work almost immediately.

Similarly if you have a medical condition that has led to pulsatle or somatosensory tinnitus (a rushing noise in the ears as blood is pumped through the veins). Then a medical procedure may well solve the problem immediately.

The fact is that for most folks it is a matter of commitment and determination before victory over tinnitus can be achieved. First of all find out what is causing the tinnitus symptoms to begin with, then search out for a suitable treatment and commit yourself to it.

By having a proper medical examination you can discover the reason behind your tinnitus. It could be medical, in which case a procedure or perhaps a dose of anti-biotics may help. It could be related to your work environment and any of the other issues discussed above. Either way, the first step to curing tinnitus is to find the cause – then act on the treatment.

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