TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy) Is a tinnitus remedy or treatment regime recognized by the world of medicine and science. It is not a magic pill so to speak. What it is, is a retraining of the mind and body to ignore tinnitus to such a degree that it is no longer the issue that it once was. Developed by Pawel Jastreboff, Ph.D. in the 1980’s, it has become one of the most recognized and respected of the tinnitus treatment regimes or remedies available today.

Fanciful thinking? not at all. The fact is that the human mind has the great capacity to ignore many sounds if it is trained to do so (just think of the times when you have ignored the constant chatter of the spouse!) Joking apart, the constant whining or ringing – even rushing sound in the ears can, according to this system, effectively be blocked out of the mind by re-focusing the brain patterns of the sufferer in what is known as habituation training. This is something that most people do on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Automatically blocking out the noise of road traffic, or simply ignoring the background wine associated with the fridge or computer are forms or examples of habituation techniques, and something that we normally do automatically.

tinnitus retraining therapy

Most of us use tinnitus habituation techniques without even thinking about it.

The issues causing this debilitating ailment however may still be present, and for this reason alone it is recommended that any tinnitus sufferer only undertakes alternative treatments such as this one, or indeed any alternative medicine for tinnitus, after a full medical examination has been carried out to ensure there are no direct medical issues underlying.

With that said, Tinnitus is often  a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Although perhaps in the minority of situations, it should however be assessed with this in mind prior to any consideration of treatment. Once the cause has been properly established only then should treatment be considered.

“With the Tinnitus Retrain System (TRS) there are no drugs, no pills, no extreme fasts, no detoxes, no herbs, no masking devices or anything of an extreme nature. By locating and addressing the true source of your discomfort, you join a very elite few who have managed to treat their Tinnitus by breaking the habitual pattern of their suffering. Once you have mastered this, there is no going back—for you have essentially rewired your system.”

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Tinnitus itself is often intermittent – and occurs periodically over a period of time. Usually this is not too troublesome, however in some admittedly rare cases it can be an absolute nightmare, lasting for days, weeks, or even permanently. Ever-present tinnitus, where true silence never lasts for more than a few minutes is estimated to trouble up to 17% of the population – a significant number by any standards representing around 45 million people in the United States alone.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy or TRT for short, treats this condition by re-training the mind to ignore the constant sounds so effectively that the condition, although still present, has been effectively neutralized by the patient.

So What Does Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Involve?

TRT is a simple non-surgical, non-medical approach to tinnitus treatment based on anatomy and physiology to effectively deal with tinnitus, and is an option that more people are choosing to at least try when the only other alternative may be medication or invasive surgery. In that respect this is classed as a natural treatment for tinnitus.

tinnitus retrain system

Retraining the brain to ignore the sounds associated with tinnitus, is the basis of tinnitus retraining therapy

The Tinnitus Retrain System or ‘TRS’ system is no ‘quick fix fad of the moment’ Nor is it a gimmick or ‘snake oil’ cure, it is in fact a complete course based on the tinnitus retraining therapy designed to give long lasting solid results. There are no drugs involved, no fancy diets or detox regimes. It does in fact claim to be the only video assisted self-help product of its kind on the market today.

It bases its ideology on the premise that tinnitus is in fact an emotional and therefore subjective condition. That being the case it concludes that the symptoms relating to this condition can effectively be dealt with by rewiring the human response to the sounds in the ears – ie, teaching the mind to ignore the irrelevant sounds.

As mentioned earlier, this is no ‘quick fix’ however as with most things in life, perseverance and patience seems to be the key to getting great results with this tinnitus treatment regime. Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is in fact a form of habituation therapy that teaches the individual to ignore sounds (discussed earlier) that are not relevant, making them in effect obsolete. In effect it is argued that an individual who suffers from the noises associated with tinnitus, is often in fact (perhaps unconsciously) just focused on sounds that most people ignore but which are all around us in everyday life situations.

But what if there is NO background noise present and yet you are still experiencing a whining noise in your head? This is also quite common because it is not in fact your ears that are ‘hearing’ these noises, but your brain. The sounds your may ‘hear’ are in fact just the way that your brain interprets silence. The job of any tinnitus retraining therapy program is to re-educate your brain to interpret silence as silence! Even emotions are involved, as are stress and other factors. Whilst there is no doubt that tinnitus is a very real phenomena, the way it is perceived by the individual and therefore acted upon, varies widely from person to person. Some people become hypersensitive to the sounds and have inadvertently made them louder by over-focusing on their tinnitus instead of learning to ignore them or ‘habituating’ themselves to them.

What can you expect from the Tinnitus Retrain System?

Someone undergoing a tinnitus retraining program of this kind would expect the following benefits…

  • Firstly, no chemicals, fasting regimes, diets, masking devices, or surgery of any kind!
  • A full video course to take you step by step through the habituation process
  • A system that works on all types of tinnitus
  • Does not depend on psychiatric treatments or audio therapies to get results
  • 7 powerful process involving the complete person – body, soul, and mind, are developed and employed to achieve final results.


What to do for ringing in the ears?

Try Tinnitus Retrain for yourself! This program has been specifically designed to be easy to follow and implement. However it does require a decent level of Commitment if you are to see good results. It is based on the principle that overcoming difficulties and trials have to be done step at a time. To rush things is to invite defeat, and defeat leads to demoralization, which in turn leads to surrender! As with any enterprise you set yourself, the trick is never to set up unattainable goals – this will lead to defeat and disappointment. This course is laid out in such a way as to set the user up for victory and freedom from the blight of tinnitus! Many people will say that Tinnitus cannot be eradicated or cured; I beg to differ – as will many who are now tinnitus free thanks to programs like Tinnitus Retrain

As mentioned earlier, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is no quick-fix solution to tinnitus, but with perseverance quite startling results can be expected according to many published testimonies. Ultimately though it must be admitted that there are many scams and cons out there when it comes to tinnitus treatment, so why should you trust this one? Good question – perhaps it would make the decision easier if you had a 60 day money-back-guarantee!

That’s right – If for any reason this system does not work for you then you can get ALL your hard-won cash back by simply clicking on a refund link included in your purchase email – it couldn’t be easier. However that said, let’s finish on a positive note from the Dalai Lama himself… “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.”

UPDATE – Binaural Resonance Training

binaural beats therapy

Binaural training is an addition to the tinnitus retrain system – a type of tinnitus retraining therapy

The Tinnitus Retrains System now includes a comprehensive course incorporating Binaural Tones to treat tinnitus! This binaural beats therapy course called ‘Binaural Resonance Training’ is an invaluable and (in my opinion) excellent addition to this already great program. This sound therapy for tinnitus, explains via images and text the whole concept of a ‘third tone’ and the influence this has with regard to what we ‘hear.’ It also answers questions that may arise regarding masking techniques – and how this Binaural Resonance Training differs in it’s approach. Retraining is by far the preferred route to masking – which is a temporary ‘fix’ often promoted by less comprehensive tinnitus courses.

If you have had enough of constant ear ringing or are wondering just how do you stop your ears from ringing, or would like more info on the whole concept of binaural training, then please visit my page here for more detailed information. Meanwhile please feel free to visit the official page for binaural resonance training by clicking on the highlighted link below…









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