Causes and Remedies For Tinnitus

Tinnitus Treatment . So before you can consider an effective treatment tinnitus you would be well advised to investigate the underlying causes of your condition.

The fact is that tinnitus can be caused by any number of factors from lifestyle, to diet, or perhaps to some underlying medical condition. For this reason I would always advise seeking out professional advice from a medical specialist, before spending your well-earned money on something that may not be what you need.

Ok, so that being said, what exactly are the options available to tinnitus sufferers? First of all we must examine the causes, and we’ll begin at the most popular – loud sustained noise ……

Excessive Noise is the largest single contributor to tinnitus, especially in the elderly. Noise related tinnitus is at least partially explained by early working practices where it was not mandatory to equip workers in loud places with ear mufflers – resulting in ongoing persistent tinnitus problems in later years.

Tinnitus Treatment & CausesHowever the younger generation face a similar problem today with the use of super-loud earphones listening to their favourite music perhaps whilst travelling to work. Loud concerts and music venues also contribute.

One of the biggest groups of people however that suffer from tinnitus as a result of loud noise is war veterans. In fact tinnitus has become the single biggest medical complaint amongst US war vets owing to the proximity of loud noise, shells exploding, gunfire etc.

So considering this, what are the options available? You could say that the damage has been done – and you would be at least partially correct. However that is not the end of the story, and there is an answer for sufferers that may not ‘cure’ your tinnitus – but instead help you ignore it to such an effect that it is no longer a debilitating problem.

This is a regime called tinnitus retraining. It works on the principle that tinnitus is not ‘heard’ as such. It is in fact a noise in the head or brain rather than in the ears. What you are ‘hearing’ with all the whistling, clicking, ringing sounds etc – is in fact produced by your brain and not external noises.

Tinnitus retraining helps the sufferer by guiding them on how to train the mind to ignore these sounds entirely so that your mind effectively shuts them out.

Injury – head and neck injuries are another contributor to tinnitus. So of course the first thing to be done here is to alleviate or sort out the problem – if possible – before embarking on a tinnitus cure. If the medical condition cannot be effectively sorted, then the retraining program may be an effective option also.

Medication – various common medicines – especially over a long term – are known to cause or at least exacerbate tinnitus. Some medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, certain antibiotics, and diuretics can be “ototoxic” – damage the inner ear, resulting in tinnitus.

If this is a problem for you, then your doctor may be able to prescribe an alternative to the medication that you are presently on – it may be as simple as that!

Medical Conditions: Of course it is a no-brainer that any medical condition surrounding the ear must be investigated and preferably sorted out before a tinnitus remedy can be applied. Again – seek proper medical advice.

Diet & Lifestyle – Your own lifestyle and habits such as smoking, alcohol intake, even the food you eat (coffee is a controversial subject regarding tinnitus) , can be a likely culprit when it comes to tinnitus. This is where a lifestyle change product such as Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman, can be very effective in conquering your tinnitus. Like all tinnitus programs however – it is very much dependent on the user following through on the program!

So what are the 3 popular ways to combat tinnitus?

Sound Therapy – where sound known as ‘white noise’ is used to counteract the noises in your head. This is often used by turning the radio on low at bedtime to enable the sufferer to sleep by shutting out the tinnitus-related sounds.

However the tinnitus will return when the white noise is turned off – so it is seen as a very temporary answer.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) – As mentioned earlier this is retraining your mind to ignore the sounds in your head. Whilst not an ‘instant cure’ This can be very effective and has had long-term benefits for many tinnitus sufferers.

Tinnitus Retrain System is an example of TRT that you may well wish to consider.

Lifestyle Change – Sometimes it is a complete change of lifestyle that is needed in order to effect a cure for tinnitus. This could mean to stop smoking; change your diet or medication; even change your workplace or recreational pursuits – notice I did not say “give up everything you love” CHANGE is the operative word here.

With this in mind then ‘Tinnitus Miracle’ is a regime that promotes lifestyle changes to effectively combat tinnitus.

Ok, that’s it for now – I will include below some links to the products mentioned here.

All the best in your efforts to combat tinnitus.



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  1. Thanks for helping me understand more about tinnitus and the different ways people can fix it. I didn’t know much about it before, but it’s interesting to know now that it’s a common problem that usually develops with war veterans, especially since they are usually surrounded by loud noises. To be honest, it makes me interested to see if there is any technology or other types of innovations that are being made that can help prevent this for them.

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